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Part Two: Basic Rights for Arizona Nursing Home Residents

Every person living in a nursing home and every person with a loved one in a nursing home should know their rights. If you missed Part 1 of Arizona nursing home resident rights, make sure you check it out. Below is a list of more Arizona nursing home resident rights as provided by both federal and Arizona state statutes and rules.

Nursing home residents have the right to:
-Visits with family and friends – and reasonable visiting hours must be provided
-Contact and meet with certain agency representatives or individuals who provide health, legal, social or other services
-Privacy during these visits or meetings, in making phone calls and with your mail
-Privacy in your room and during bathing, medical treatment and personal care
-Keep your personal and health records confidential

Quality of Life
Residents have the right to:
-Choose and participate in activities that he/she likes and which are past of his/her plan of care
-Participate in social, religious and community activities
-Register and vote in local, state and national elections
-Organize and participate in resident groups. Family members also have the right to organize and participate in family groups in the nursing home
-Voice complaints or grievances without fear of retaliation. The nursing home must give you information on how to file a complaint with the facility, the Ombudsman, and with the Office of Long Term Care.

Medical Care and Treatment
-Nursing home residents and their families may participate in a care plan and treatment
-Residents have the right to choose a personal care physician
-Residents may refuse any plan of care, treatment or procedure
-Residents may participate or refuse to participate in experimental research

Freedom from Restraint and Abuse
Arizona nursing home resident rights include:
-The right to refuse restraints that limit mobility or drugs that affect the mind, except in emergency situations. Use of restraints must be to treat medical symptoms and never for the purpose of discipline or staff convenience
-Freedom from verbal, physical, sexual, mental, and financial abuse; corporal punishment; neglect; and involuntary seclusion

For a full list of resident rights, you may visit Things not covered in these two posts include transfer and discharge rights, as well as your rights when it comes to money and possessions.

If these rights are not followed by a nursing home, you may file a complaint with the Arizona Department of Health Services. If violation of these Arizona nursing home resident rights resulted in wrongful death or serious injury, call the experienced personal injury attorneys in Phoenix today at 480-991-7677.

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